October Open Letter

To whom it may represent,

It’s impressive what attachment has done to my wellness and my ability to create healthy relationships. I have been discovering what my voice is and what my voice means to others. I wish I could say it has always been fruitful, but I have had to force meaning out of it. I believe October is a reminder of what we are about to encounter. Have you ever emotionally prepared for a season?

I found myself highly vulnerable, and in that precious moment, I found my voice and learned to trust my intuition spiritually. I realize how emotionally polluted things can be when others lack Self-awareness and emotional responsibility. I have been at the end of others’ Self-denial. I have amazed myself in understanding the power of grace and spacing and also found how dangerous a supposed safe space can be. I found myself even heartbroken because I made a promise that others couldn’t keep, even though I was the one who committed to the work. Do you hold resentment or regret with any familiarity with this story?

I am in Knowing of what voice I carry, and with each word, I move the world. I am learning to no longer waste my words and allow my actions to protect the worthiness I desire. Before I ask questions, I express my needs so that questions don’t become misplaced. I am learning the power of my thoughts into words because boundaries are becoming more complex as I grow around others. 

I was never looking for applause, I was hoping to share my humanity with others. I hope that you begin finding your tribe of people as I have just begun to realize what I desire for my own. I hope that you prepare your heart and mind to be aligned with your voice so that each word grants you the space of Self-love, which is made in the act of kindness. I hope the people who have let me down understand where I left them and have the peace of knowing I have moved on in grace. And I hope you can see where you need to be in your own life to make the direction of your peace. Your attachments may be misleading you but they feel like good intentions. Let’s look forward to your homecoming.

Be Kind to yourself so that Love can work on you,

– William


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