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We take counseling, therapy and mental illness in our community and transform them into holistic wellness.

Holistic and modern treatment to mental health and wellness.

In 2018, William C. Washington noticed that the state of mental health was evolving into something everyone could grasp. He noticed how clinicians were becoming more diverse, the techniques were becoming more creative, and research was breaking barriers that have not been seen before. William knew at that moment, there was more to mental health than sitting in a chair. After much dialog over tea and energy drinks, Angel Washington gave the final push to commit to establish the company to ensure the vitality was forward and foundational.

The Washington Wellness Institute takes the holistic aspect of mental health and wellness to a modernized approach upon different platforms. The thought that one individual’s world can change the lives of many, instills a sense of passion and dedication towards making the process whole and fulfilling. Whether you are a client, clinician, community leader, or just a friend, Washington Wellness Institute is a place where people can revitalize the meaning and purpose of their life and invest it.


What makes WWI so special is that we understand modern psychological approaches require modern solutions to overall wellness. Each service can overlap each other depending on the needs of the client. To ensure this we have created dynamic options.


Individual Counseling & Therapy


Service Workshops


Individual/ Couples Counseling


Cultural Therapy Session


Intervention for Family Support


Hypno Therapy

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