May Open Letter

To whom it may represent,

I have been traveling through Europe following a passion of mine that has become a lifestyle. I see how the medium of art connects humanity, and how even art transcends borders. There is so much war, hurt, pain, sorrow, and grief happening. It is very hard for me, emotionally, to sit and watch people internally decay. Have you checked your own heart lately? Do you know what to ask your heart? We move so fast in this world, and feel like we are interrupted because we never see past our own self-harm. I want to write about this:

I think about how healing has become so trendy, yet ineffective towards the larger movement we all face. The last time I saw solidarity was because of the pandemic, and I wonder if we ever have come back from that moment. I think about how we try to integrate ourselves to feel like we exist in a society that was supposed to protect us…almost like how as a child. We thought our parents had everything to protect us, and as age and time moves from our fingertips, we find the frailty of their humanity and accept concepts that never were embedded in our hearts.

 I am at the place in my life where I can’t hide my hurt, I can’t hide my love. I can’t keep someone’s pain, it is not mine. I have the opportunity and gift of what healing provides… Can you guess what that is? You have it too, if you listen. You have it if you can fall into yourself and accept the voice that already accepts what life has to offer. Mother Earth shows us everyday what consistency looks like even when others may not consider Her. 

I hope this letter finds you in a place of uncertainty and gives you back the time you were about to forget because someone else interrupted everything you have already been designed for. The love you seek is the love you’ve had. Do not let anyone take away what you have inherited. You breathe because you exist. You exist to provide and nurture. You are a future ancestor.

Be your biggest fan.

Be kind to yourself so Love can work in you,

– Dr. William Washington


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