September Open Letter

To whom it may represent,

I am noticing the shift in this season. I am noticing the relationships that have blossomed, yet I am also noticing the relationships that are ending. Closure; it is the word that sounds healthy, but feels unhealthy. The uncomfortable feelings occur when things are not in your favor, but you’re aware of everything experienced. I am enjoying seeing nature run its natural course, but I fear my natural course due to my own lack of preparation. Have you felt prepared emotionally for the seasonal changes?

I am not necessarily a fan of change but an advocate of adjustments. I have been overwhelmed by the thought of change because I knew it meant I had to be more responsible than other people would be for themselves. I fear the thought of not being enough in my transition and the lack of space reciprocated. The humility in me can only go so far, and I had to step back into my comfort zone to understand what is genuinely needed of me to feel complete. It would be wise at this time to make a list of what your comfort zone needs to feel complete during a transition.

I hope that the grounding you seek during your transition brings clarity that only you can own. I manifest a level of awareness that provides the appropriate spacing needed to represent your best intentions. I pray for your healing so that the words and actions of your growth are accepted before the opinions of others, and know that I want to see you as you show up today, because that is enough. Write out one promise for yourself during this Fall transition. Your harvest is a product of your intention.

Be Kind to yourself so that Love can work on you,

– William


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