Are You Emotionally Calloused? – William Washington – Community Learning Program Free Webinar

February 14 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST

Are You Emotionally Calloused? Join our professional mental health workshop as we delve into critical insights derived from research on physicians navigating the challenges of the pandemic. Discover a recurrent cycle experienced by healthcare workers leading to emotional callousing – a state where the intended emotion is recognized but cannot be adequately processed. This workshop equips participants with an in-depth understanding of the cycle, enabling self-reflection, and provides strategies to reshape emotional intentions. Elevate your emotional well-being and enhance your resilience in the demanding field of healthcare.

What you’ll learn:

Identify and Understand the Emotional Callousing Cycle:
Gain a comprehensive understanding of the recurrent emotional callousing cycle experienced by healthcare workers during the challenges of the pandemic. Explore the specific stages of this cycle and recognize its impact on emotional processing.

Self-Reflective Skills Development:
Acquire the tools and techniques necessary for effective self-reflection, enabling therapists to recognize and navigate their own emotional callousing. Develop insights into personal emotional responses and enhance self-awareness within the demanding healthcare environment.

Implement Strategies for Emotional Intention Reshaping:
Explore evidence-based strategies designed to reshape emotional intentions in the face of emotional callousing. Learn practical approaches to process and channel emotions effectively, fostering emotional well-being and resilience. Acquire skills to apply these strategies in therapeutic settings, enhancing the quality of care provided to clients.

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