December Open Letter

To whom it may represent,

December has a funny way of closure. We want to finish things because we believe that completion is progress. However, I am finding that completion isn’t always the answer. Our hearts and what we emotionally go through are endless. Connection, hurt, pain, trauma, triggers, hope, helplessness… These feelings have a story. December reminds us of the company of others and yet, reminds us of the obligations that may not always provide us our best selves. I have found myself more aligned with the beginning of closure in many things, not only within myself, but within the process of growth. I wish I could say I am wrapping things up this month for the new year, but I am beginning the finishing process, as if now it’s time to walk carefully down the mountain.

I hope this letter finds you in a place of current reflection, giving you a chance to not complete things, but begin the finishing process of things that no longer serve its once illustrious past. When you grow for yourself, shedding doesn’t hurt so bad. Try not to peel yourself, let the growth happen naturally as you make your intentions conscious.

Be Kind to yourself

– William C. Washington


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