What We Do


Holistic Services
& VR Therapy

Guided Meditation. If you have trouble learning how to mediate, you can get taught the basics to build that confidence to do it on your own!

Young people with problems having a discussion while sitting together on special group therapy.

Service Workshops

Do you want someone from WWI to speak on specialized topics for your company or community event? You name the topic, we send the expert! Or drop in on our monthly events on thought-provoking topics!


Hypno Therapy

Heart-Centered therapy is a form of meditation used to help extinguish and implant healthy cognitions or beliefs to help relieve inner cycles that may negatively affect your identity.


Group Therapy

Are you an entrepreneur, clinician, or just a hard working individual that wants to vent but you have to keep composed due to the image you represent? Are you a minority or marginalized individual seeking a space of peace and letting go? We can provide secure and safe space for you.

Intervention for Family Support

Is it time to break the generational curse or address something that has changed your family? Interventions for family and friends can be a great start into creating healthy traditions or support for the family culture.


Individual/ Couples Counseling

If you’re seeking mental health services or relational consultation, we can provide this service for you.

Our Services

What makes WWI so special is that we understand modern psychological approaches require modern solutions to overall wellness. Each service can overlap each other depending on the needs of the client. To ensure this we have created dynamic options.

You are the focus, and the more you tell your story, the less you become of it. We do not care how good, bad, right or wrong it may seem. You are here, you matter, and there is a goal for a better self.

Let us be there with you. Call today to schedule a free 30 min consultation or email us directly.

Diverse Care

We have a unique range of human beings on the couch. Are you feeling unsure about who is a good fit? GOOD, that means you care! Whatever walk of life you come from (Vet, LGBTQIA+, CEO, athlete, fast food worker, high schooler, ex-convict, fellow clinician, ex-superhero), we know that you have a story that matters. If you need help with understanding what services you need, ask yourself these questions:
Are you unable to talk to others about the things that really bother you?

Have you been adjusting to a new way of life?

Is what you used to do to get happier not working as well?

Are you unsure if this really is worth your money?

Are you trying to break a mold?

Do you just want to talk and not be judged?

Is being obligated hurting your ability to be who you need to be for yourself?

Are you a professional dealing with unprofessional situations?

Are you a survivor?

Are you a clinician that needs a pulse check to make sure you aren’t “trippin’”?
If you said “yea” or “Kinda” to any of these, then you could benefit.

Community Service?

We love being in the community giving a face to mental health. If you have an event, let us know and bring a positive image to your event for health and wellness! Education is only effective if there are people! If you want to join us with community service and collaborate, we would love to!


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