November Open Letter

We are in a time where the value of life is actually in question. We are currently having to fight for the wellness of others, yet do not believe that there is sacrifice in the fight for humanity. Can we really heal from loss? What does healing from loss turn us into? I listen to many motivating speeches and monologues to get my momentum going… yet I find that their stories have a trauma that I don’t believe they’ve made peace with. Do you have a story you live by that doesn’t give peace? I hate to say this, but I analyze my motivational speakers more than I would like. I think some of my favorite and most inspirational moments have actually come from my clients. They come in with what they have been through, nothing more or less. They don’t always have the language needed for healing, but they make it through the day. It’s honestly fascinating how much resilience they have in their busy day and STILL have the energy to be in front of me. Aren’t you tired of showing up for others in overtime, and they fail to recognize anything you do? 

As I write this letter, tears begin to fall, thinking of how much people have endured just to show up for something to keep them going. This war, specifically, is forcing us to think about the loss of the concept of freedom… But the truth is, this war only reflects our own demise within humanity. As a healer, to see trauma after trauma in the name of freedom reminds me of insanity. We are witnesses of insanity and feel justified in meditated genocide as we watch. I am becoming more connected to a core of humanity that the system wants us to forget. I guess to explain this, I am losing so much of my own humanity that I am regressing into instinctual self-preservation. I am denying the media’s attempts to sway my internal compass of what the value of life is.  I am reminded of my Black heritage and the aftermath that is in my DNA. To live in activation, thinking that at any time I will have to dissociate and live in insanity, brings a mental weight I wish upon no one. 

As you read this letter, understand that you live in shells of yourself, and there is a core value that no one can shake. It is time to reach into yourself…further… And pull out what you will no longer accept. There are expectations you hold that were never yours, and the punishment for letting it go is making someone else hold their own truth that they are not willing to have their bloody hands on. I believe I have worked on myself to a place where my rage has turned into insight, but the time to fight has never stopped…and I don’t think I am ready to stop. Are you?

Heal All Ways,

– Dr. Will


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