Ketamine Program


Monarch Wellness Solutions (MWS) and Washington Wellness Institute “WWI” have collaborated on creating a program that offers Ketamine-Assisted Therapy to clients through an integrative and holistic lens. Each company will offer its services to provide holistic treatment.


The program is a 6-week course. We offer three types of services to accommodate our client’s wellness:

Integration I

This service provides the client with a solo experience. They will be able to conduct the experiential and integration sessions on their own without therapeutic follow-up. The consultation specialist will still perform their follow-up through the program.

Integration II

This service provides an integrated experience. The client will do experiential from their own chosen space and do integration sessions with a trained provider.

Integration III

This service is a face-to-face experience. All experiential and integrative sessions are in the office with a trained provider.

Program Overview

– Free 30-minute Consultation
– Scheduled out for 6 weeks
– Intake 90 min
– 6 experiential treatments (medication)
– 6 integration sessions
– 3 consultation follow-ups
– Optional integration group circles 

Items provided
Safe Space
Eye mask
Medication (Ketamine and Zofran)
Journal and pen
Instruction pamphlet

*Must have a guardian (watcher) for each experiential treatment

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