Restorative Enhancement Management

What is REM?

REM (Restorative Enhancement Management) is a holistic enhancing program dedicated to creating optimal daily functioning. Because this is individually focused, discretion is upheld to the highest standard and confidentiality. This is considered a high profile life management. Because this involves the client’s domains (personal, professional, and social) it is understood that self-growth comes with sensitivity.

R.E.M. is designed to support the way of life, free from societal expectations and grounded in the restoration of self-concept.

Who is it for?

It is for anyone that wants a place of healing, in a cycle they can’t get out of, or a perspective that gives the best options for themselves. If you are an educator, healer, therapist, life coach, mentor, or someone that simply wants to grow in your own world; you can learn this as well.

This program is meant to change communities’ ways of thinking.



Restorative Enhancement Management (REM) is dedicated to community upliftment through individual enhancement. Using modernized psychology, holistic practices, and advanced leadership skills, and organizational research, we dedicate ourselves to ensure that the best self is a self that is conscious and meaningful. Everyone has purpose, and it is the way of REM to make that story a living legacy.Our Motto: 

“Come with motive, leave with purpose.” – William C. Washington, founder


REM is a lifestyle, which is why it can be used in multiple modalities and even enhance other forms of therapy based upon the principles. The 5 principles are a way of life and are used to navigate and heal the purpose of individuals. The more you tell your story, the less you become of it. The goal is to live for internal reciprocity; the ability to harmonize with Self, regardless of external stimuli.

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Written by William Washington
Graphic Design by LaShanta Knowles
Artwork by Amaya Koss

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