Restorative Enhancement Modality

What is REM?

REM (Restorative Enhancement Modality) is a holistic enhancing program dedicated to creating optimal daily functioning. Because this is individually focused, discretion is upheld to the highest standard and confidentiality. This is considered a high profile life management. Because this involves the client’s domains (personal, professional, and social) it is understood that self-growth comes with sensitivity.

R.E.M. is designed to support the way of life, free from societal expectations and grounded in the restoration of self-concept.

Who is it for?

It is for anyone that wants a place of healing, in a cycle they can’t get out of, or a perspective that gives the best options for themselves. If you are an educator, healer, therapist, life coach, mentor, or someone that simply wants to grow in your own world; you can learn this as well.

This program is meant to change communities’ ways of thinking.



Restorative Enhancement Modality (REM) is a holistic experiential integrative model and philosophy dedicated to creating optimal daily functioning. REM is a type of lifestyle management that involves multiple domains and requires self-growth through intentional development. Our Motto: 

“Come with motive, leave with purpose.” – William C. Washington, PhD.


REM is designed to support a way of life, free from societal expectations, grounded in the restoration of self-concept. REM encourages the learner to gain understanding of societal expectations and the impact it has on self-concept. The combination of societal obligations mixed with the labels that we give to ourselves, creates a limited perspective of available actions, options, and understanding. This limited perspective creates a situation where we are living with motive, instead of purpose. REM is meant to explore this phenomenon on the road to self-mastery.

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Written by William Washington
Graphic Design by LaShanta Knowles
Artwork by Amaya Koss

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