The R.E.S.E.T Deck is Out Now!

R.E.S.E.T. Deck Vol. 1

Remove Every Saturation and Embrace Truth

It took 10 years of trials and tribulations to understand the need for active healing. I found that with these quotes, it opened me to another level of understanding that sometimes my mind would not.

This deck is a product of me accepting my humanity, and I want to give my healing as a gift so you can actively heal too. I sat for years going over these to determine how I need to approach life with right attitude and intention. Some are worded off on purpose to enhance a healing language internally. Take your time, it took me 10 years.

Heal All Ways.

– William C. Washington

We have a total of 10 decks available for purpose. If you would like to place an order, please click on the link below.

Written by: William Washington

Marketing by: Angel Washington

Art by: Amaya Koss

Graphic Design by: LaShanta Knowles


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