April Open Letter

To whom it may represent,

I can honestly say that I have a new found joy about life I want to share with you. I have the power to experience what I feel without hurting others. This power came to me in one of my darkest moments, and has been challenged since I became aware of it. Have you ever found out about a power you have, and others tried to take it away or even make you dim that power? I found myself experiencing the moment so clear that I felt like I may be the only person realizing it. Are you living the power you possess?

I have been doing much trial and error of my power, only to find myself more involved with who I am, that I do, and how I need to be. I can say that it has been humbling because I feel like I am trying to walk again with my heart. I have heart power. The ability to find love in the darkest moments. I can say I am inevitably positive, and I have the strength to share it with others. What is your power? When do you know when you have the strength to share it with others?

I hope as you read this letter, you start looking within yourself to notice something special or weird about yourself that others may react to. It is a gift of awareness you bring to your own table, but you still have to understand the power you have and how you use it. Before I knew it was a power, it was something I was willing to be more responsible for. I was more willing to be responsible for the hearts of others, but I never put that back into myself until now. I can’t wait to see what power you have and how you will share it with others after your own trial and error.

Be your biggest fan.

Be kind to yourself so Love can work in you,

– William


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