Women’s Support Group

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Because of the high demand, we want to make sure that we get everyone screened on time.

If you are interested in group therapy, please check out the form below and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible. https://forms.gle/i9SJ3RYg76pQsUz5A

Are you a woman from the ages of 25-60 and have wondered what your life would have been like if your upbringing had more investment regarding your womanhood? Are you suffering from cycles that you know better, but your family or lifestyle keeps holding you back? Are you struggling with being the main character in your own story?

Washington Wellness Institute is offering an 8-week CLOSED counseling group to support women that may be suffering from PTSD or adjustment disorder symptoms. If you have triggers that have become more unhealthy than you want clarity in how you stand in your womanhood, this may be for you.

It is a CLOSED group, so once you are in, no one else can join. We start in January 2022. Sign up today!

WWI will ensure that discretion is advised. Mischa Dansby will be co-facilitating the group.

If you’re interested in our services, please visit

Be Kind to yourself.

– William C. Washington


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