January Open Letter

To whom it may represent,

January, for me, is the moment we decide what continues in our lives and what we make of it. It hurts to know that the endurance needed to live a life of happiness may be more authentic when we let go. I have seen clients countless times holding onto things that remind them of their broken parts. I want to encourage you to no longer think you have to hold on or let go. You have to accept what you need. 

Our focus can be the very thing that saves us, and a distraction never worries about its focus. What is the last memory you had that gave you a sense of clarity? Putting yourself in the line of being positive requires redeeming the quality of options. To make it this far means you still have choices to make. I can honestly say that I am scared to step forward most of the time…So I learned how to jump and land… or roll. 

Take time to not think of yourself as brand new, but actively willing to engage in a lifestyle that fits the heart you always wanted to feel. Change is inevitable, but that choice to accept happiness will be less enduring than the pursuit of it. 

Take advantage of the programs we have to offer this year and learn you are amongst a community of fragmented people piecing themselves together one day at a time. You’re amongst the fraternity of healing. 

Be Kind to yourself

– William C. Washington


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