October Open Letter

To whom it may represent,

I often remind my clients of my golden rule: “With self-awareness comes emotional responsibility.” I find this being almost a way of life with the realizations we face everyday. I have been learning how my own blindspots can cause harm to others, but they first cause harm to myself if I am sensitive enough to be present. I am often told to feel before I think, but I can’t seem to get out of the reactive survival nature I grew up in. Have you ever had a real heart to heart talk with your survival instincts? What did they tell you?

Unfortunately, as I am growing, I have to acknowledge the pain I have gone through and the pain I have caused. But this growth was certainly worth every lost item and friend I thought I had. I am realizing that I am losing trust in relationships. To feel the conditional mindsets, ignorant side of choosing, and success by association has my heart rattled in ways that I never thought I could… feel, rather than think. My growth has allowed me the gift to feel, but also gave me the pain of a learned lesson. I am so proud of what I have chosen myself to be, but more importantly happy with whom I have accepted myself as.

I write you this letter in hopes that you find my success not as an achievement, but a light to your own humanity. Your growth will not always hurt, but it may hurt by what and whom you are around. Choosing where you are may be more important and difficult than choosing who you are right now. You may have had to choose someone you don’t even like because the environment brought that out of you.

I hope this letter gives you some space to look at your self-awareness and causes the gift of emotional responsibility. There are “friends” in your life that are unstable, unhappy, unwilling, and need you to stay that way because they want you to reflect their misery. Do not give them the company.

Be Kind to yourself so that Love can work in you,

– Dr. Will


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