January Open Letter

To whom it may represent,

To finish a race to only be at the beginning of another can give multiple feelings. I find myself feeling as if I am right at the beginning, but on another plateau of awareness. I notice that the things that once bothered me are no longer a problem. The frustration and conditioning I have been through no longer have the same  threshold or stimulus I am comfortable in. I think about how I am viewed and attended. It’s been eye opening and highly discerning. Have you ever found yourself coming back to what you know so well and it does not affect you the same? I am currently going through multiple resolutions, trying to accept the reality I worked so hard to not address.

This new season has become so hopeful and powerful. I am finding new friendships, leaving others, and drawing a line where I feel not complete. I have become more peaceful about how things simply just do not work out. I can no longer accept that I have the power to push someone else’s tornado, and most importantly, I can’t hide my intuition. Have you been forced to believe in someone that never believed in you? I know myself more than I want to confront others with because I never want to experience their irresponsibility. 

What I have discovered in myself, and what I have come to decide are becoming more aligned and demanding than ever before. I have a mindset that demands more of myself in old circles. I am no longer worried about what may or may not workout, but who I am in every moment. I want you to begin choosing who you are rather than the outcome of what has never happened yet. I will not stop being who I am trying to accept, and I hope you will fight for yourself too.

Be Kind to yourself so that Love can work on you,

– William


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