February Open Letter

To whom it may represent,

I find that this month is a warming moment for many after such a cold season. I have become more sensitive to the things that have made me who I thought I am, only to realize I should have never stood so firm on unstable land. I often think, “What made me stay here so long to be treated this way?” I have become more sensitive as the stresses I would hold onto are no longer within my control. I realize that my emotional gifts were looking through a dirty lens. 

I am finding that many people are also looking through a lens that does not truly represent who they are. And because of some rooted emotion, it overshadows the true identity of their humanity. I have… and had to accept that I am angry. I am angry by how we won’t and do not heal. I am mad that we cannot take 5 minutes out of our lives to have that conversation in the mirror that may have saved ourselves or another life. But most importantly, I am angry with how I have allowed anger to mean more than my love. 

I am finally becoming someone that I missed. I want to apologize for not being myself in the beginning, but I never accepted that I had a dirty lens. To be specific, we often ignore a piece of dust and even adjust our vision to see through the discomfort. But in the end, you grow into that displacement, and it affects you in the long run. 

Are you ready to clean your own lens? What rooted emotion are you holding onto? What do you want to show that you believe is lost? I encourage you to get so lost in yourself you find yourself again. To be reborn is the gift of resetting with knowledge and learned lessons. Give yourself this month the chance to love others in the light of who you are, rather than the shadow. 

Be Kind to yourself so that Love can work on you,

– William


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