December’s Open Letter

To whom it may represent,

Lately, I have been having fluctuations in my energy that have been due to not owning the truth of my own needs and growth. I have allowed myself to fit the values and expectations of others, thinking that what I have provided is enough. Have you ever felt like your cup had a hole in it? I have been exhausted trying to make everyone happy, but I never understood what my own peace needed, causing me to question my endurance. How long do you tolerate the unwillingness? I have created a higher tolerance for pain, causing me to block the sensitivity and kindness that I cherish to live by. 

I have also become more open to the emotions that have been coming up. I have challenged myself to use only baseline emotions to describe my experiences, which has been very eye-opening how others see me. Have you said how you feel and let others decide how they want to treat you? What did you find out about the way they value you?

As I end this year pushing and working hard to feel a sense of completion,  I am met with hard decisions on how to nourish myself during large changes. I am entering a life that no longer has multiple options, only one option that will define everything I have worked on for ten years. I realize this change is worth a lifetime, and I must use faith to get through. I am coming into 2024, no longer asking for the change of others, for permission to become who I am, and will ask for the help I deserve. You can no longer wait to hope for things that are not for you. Have you decided how to live your needs?

Heal All Ways,

– Dr. Will


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