May’s Open Letter

To whom it may represent,
May is a wonderful time to check your trajectory. I found that the most important moments of your life will be in full effect these coming seasons. Events, communities, and friends are all planning themselves and coordinating to become more involved. How are you being involved with your needs? I look back at how so many times I would plan myself so much that I would actually end up not having anything to present. Are you planning over your process?

This month has been a series of moments that give us the opportunity to reflect, adjust, and expand. I have found so many happier moments as a result of being to step back and simply addressing what is truly important for me to be peaceful. I call this baselining. Baselining is when you understand the internal temperature of your needs, wants, and feelings. Why this is so important is because we are attaching to people, places, and things at a moment’s notice, never really processing how much of ourselves is being lost or invested in.

I hope that reading this letter will be the first step or check-in for you when determining what is within your comfort zone and what you are willing to bring back. As always, time is a resource used for application or limitation. Choose yourself in the midst of uncertainty. And value the people that choose to be around you without the benefit of your hard work.

Be Kind to yourself so that love can work on you,
William C. Washington


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