April Open Letter

To whom it may represent,

April is a reminder of what life is as a result of investment and observation. We get the chance to look at nature and do what it doesn’t ask permission for. As I sit in Berlin being a foreigner, I often ask for permission because I simply do not understand how to navigate through all the barriers that are present. Have you been in situations where you feel as if things are familiar, yet you still ask for permission? I used to find myself looking for someone’s permission to feel how I needed to. Currently, I am finding myself emotionally in a place where my emotions don’t ask for permission and I feel everything I experience… but I had to be strong enough to be vulnerable.

Emotions are meant to be experienced, and unfortunately, we enjoy some more than others because the power or lack thereof is present. This can easily change with others we have relationships with. I use nonverbal behaviors as a way to judge the proper boundary as I walk through the streets of Berlin. But I wonder how much my actions speak louder in a culture that is not used to my customs? I am finding that this Spring has been the preface of many emotions being witnessed.

Normally, I would say to be engaged and adamant about your experience, but this season, I am asking us to be more like nature. We have to understand our emotions as if they were meant to be observed. Take in your experience and take it with others. Instead of pre-regulating your emotions, try to see if your heart and mind can be heard before your judgment. Does your boundary matter more to your heart or your head? How do you need to blossom this season so others can see how vibrant you are.

This month has taught me that we are meant to experience everything we feel, and it is our job to be more observant to ensure we are blossoming in the way we have chosen to desire. Blooming is an individual experience, and being able to grant others their own is once again, the art of observation.

Be Kind to yourself
– William C. Washington


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