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Tesa Gregoire

Mental Health Counselor

Tesa accepts clients for individual counseling only from ages 16+.

For centuries therapy has been taboo in many cultures and households. The stigma of weakness, brokenness, and being looked upon as being “less than” have been touted as reasons not to share our innermost feelings. As a clinician one of my ultimate goals is to offer a safe space to discuss topics ranging from everyday challenges to ones deemed untouchable, without fear of judgment or rejection. I believe one of my many callings is to assist those struggling with reversing the “what happens in the house, stays in this house” mentality and bridging the gap between how communities of color view mental health, therapy, and sex.

I am a proud graduate of: Ohio University (BS Communications), Mount Vernon Nazarene University (MA Ministry), and John Carroll University (MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling).
“You know your testimony is strong when your roots are so deep that other people’s storms will never knock you over.” – Shannon L. Alder

780 E 185th Street
Cleveland, OH 44119


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