CJ Phifer

Project Manager

General Manager, Program Manager and liaison for WWI, CJ Phifer is 100% invested in all things business structure and logistics. CJ graduated from Cleveland State University with a Bachelor of Arts as well as certificates in Graphic Design and Multimedia Advertising.

Her passion for management began as a student, after being elected Editor-In-Chief of the “The Vindicator”, a publication at CSU. Due to years of failure in leadership and ailing participation, the publication had been scheduled for termination. Not only did CJ prevent this termination, she built the org into the most popular and successful publication at CSU to this day. Desiring to build her career in leadership and management, she served as Operations Manager for the creative company, Master Collective, and Administrator for the community center, The Gatewood Workshare. Here she gained a broad education and professional understanding of back-end management, record keeping, streamlining processes and procedures and more. Founder of ResumePros LLC (Resume Writing and Career Services) CJ is extremely efficient, detail oriented, creative and fully invested in the success of others.
“In the end, I alone will stand before the Lord.” -CJ

780 E 185th Street
Cleveland, OH 44119


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