Lifestyle Management

A holistic resource center for development

Lifestyle Management is designed to be a resource center for ultimate access to wellness. It will be considered a help center online.  It uses the  wellness wheel to help organize the different resources.


Each Modality consists of an aspect of daily functioning necessary to create a balanced lifestyle. Many times, we are forced into lifestyles or feel stuck into a certain way of being simply because we do not know ourselves, or think we need a “green light” to take the next step. Each modality has its own special place in your life, and we want to make sure you make it special too.

Mental & Emotional

“What mental health symptoms are you experiencing as a result of your lifestyle?” This modality focuses on emotional support needed to be present.


Social modality looks at the company you keep and how you value their weight into your life. It is important to look into the hands that reach out to you and who you reach out to. “Are you creating relationships or communities that are meaningful for you?”


The family modality focuses on how genetics are important to consider in terms of your health, and the narrative of it can even be more important. “How much of your family knowledge and relation affects your self-concept?” Your family culture determines many peoples current paths.


The physical modality not only focuses on exercise, but nutrition, provider care, and overall knowledge of your body. “Do you know what your body needs to be at its most optimal level? Are you connected to providers that manage your overall wellness?”


The education modality is interesting because it focuses on the how, what and why you learn. Self-improvement cannot occur without self-awareness, knowledge and education.”How much do you put into self learning?”


The financial modality focuses on the financial stability you hold, while looking into career and job satisfaction to focus on wealth and investment. “How is your career and financial obligations supportive?”


The spiritual modality focuses not solely on your religious affiliation or relationship with God or higher power, yet allows the conversation of what brings meaning and purpose in your life. This is an essential subject because the best change and investment stems from understanding your human compass. “How do you make meaning out of the things you do?”


The environmental modality is the way you root yourself. “Are you surrounding yourself in domains that are nutritious for your self-esteem?” Sometimes it’s not who you are, it’s where you are.

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