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Sherriva Moore


Sherriva (Riva) LaTyse Moore is consciously known as Celestial Percipient and has been studying and practicing astrology for 5 years. Offering astrology and dream inspired insight to the seeker, Celestial Percipient focuses on serving and obeying a rich passion for enhancing awareness of healing through astrological DNA and dream analysis. She applies an intuitive, astrological and spiritual approach to delivering insight for those navigating major life experiences and transitions.

Her dream work is concentrated on recurring dreams, night terrors/nightmares, prominent dream symbols/images, vision/Reiki visions and significant emotions within, and in response to one’s dreams. When analyzing dreams and visions, she adds language with an astrological perspective; utilizing personal natal chart content to add clarity to specific areas of your life in which a dream/vision message may apply. Dreams contain underlying matter that oftentimes appears in our waking life – past or present matter. As such, dreams have the capacity to extend guidance when we are not sure what actions to take, provide answers to major life questions, and help resolve past or current waking life challenges. Inclusively, she assists with building and strengthening relationships with one’s dreams on subconscious, conscious, and unconscious levels. Celestial Percipient is dedicated to helping others understand the subconscious influences that are engaged throughout the daily operations of life. She prescribes astrological medicine as part of her dream practice.

814 E 185th Street
Suite 300
Cleveland, OH 44119


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